FRIDAY MAY 21, 2021


Moderator: Véronique Leblanc (UQAM)

1:00 PM (EDT)
Raymond Montpetit (UQAM)
Exhibiting the Elsewhere and Being There: Topo-analogical Museum Apparatuses and their Occupants (in French)

1:30 PM (EDT)
Maria Silina (UQAM)
Revolutionary Bodies: Soviet Critical Museum Displays in the 1920s and 30s (in French)

2:00 PM (EDT)
Anne Bénichou (UQAM)
Reconstitutions of Colonial Exhibitions in Contemporary Art Practices: Dissensual Dialogic Apparatuses (in French)

2:40 PM (EDT)
Hanna Sybille Müller (choreographer), interviewed by Anne Bénichou (UQAM)
Moving through the archive—In Dialogue (in French)